Kalasatama Community Centre

In progress, completion 2026

First prize, 2022
Helsinki, Finland
1200 m²

The new community centre of Kalasatama, Helsinki, is a common public building for residents of the new downtown city district northeast of Helsinki City Centre. The building contains a café and restaurant, a public sauna as well as multipurpose halls and rooms of varying size that can be used in a flexible way by the citizens for different events and activities.

The site is located at the southern end of Kalasatama Park next to the water, with views opening towards the sea and the city centre from the interior as well as the restaurant and sauna terraces.

The architecture of the 2-story wood-framed building references the industrial history of the former fishing harbour area and creates a welcoming landmark in an urban focal point when entering the area from Sörnäinen or when walking through the park to the water. The long eaves of the pitched roof and glass walls separating the floors visually give the building a light appearance.

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