Uusikylä Train Station

Lahti, Finland

Photography: Pyry Kantonen, Benjamin Åkerblom, Juha-Pekka Huotari & Kuvio 
The sculptural wooden pavilion was part of the artwork called I.C.E. – Indisputable Case of Emergency, a call to action against the impacts of climate change and global warming. Melting ice blocks reminded of the dangers of climate change: the cities painted on the ground were flooded by water from the melting ice. The installation was organized in 2021 in Helsinki Kansalaistori square, surrounded with the monumental national buildings of Finland. The artwork was part of Lahti’s European Green Capital 2021 programme.

After the installation in Helsinki, the wooden pavilion was transported and reused as a train station pavilion in Uusikylä, Lahti.  The structure provides shelter for passengers and can be used as an outdoor exhibition space. The pavilion is also a starting point for hiking trails along Salpausselkä ridge, formed by the last ice age 12 000 years ago. The pavilion is located on a former beach and delta of the ice age which is shown in landscaping of the pavilion surroundings. The wooden structure was manufactured as three prefabricated elements crafted by skillful local carpenters.

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