Floating nature observation pavilion for Camley Street Natural Park in Central London.


Invited competition 1st prize 2012
London, United Kingdom
50 m²

The Viewpoint pavilion is a learning and viewing platform for Camley Street Natural Park in King's Cross, London. Camley Street Natural Park is a miracle in itself and embodies the power of nature - the park was founded in 1984 on the badly contaminated soil of a deserted coal yard next to Regent's Canal and is today a crucial sanctuary for wildlife and a green oasis surrounded by the rapidly changing urban scene of King's Cross. Floating on the border of built and unbuilt, Viewpoint manifests the sensitive relationship between man and nature.

The geometry of the pavilion is inspired by primitive shelters traditionally used in Scandinavian forests, called "laavu", that exemplify a humble attitude towards nature by blending into their surroundings and by offering a place to observe nature without disturbing it. Viewpoint is like a small rocky islet in the middle of the metropolitan ocean, functioning as a natural landmark for the park and attracting new visitors to learn about nature, wildlife, the park and the canal.

Photos by AOR, John Sturrock & Max Creasy

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